Bunnies in a Boat – Philip Ardagh

Whilst this event is part of our Programme for School Children, pre-schoolers and home educated children are also welcome to join us – please scroll to the bottom of this page to book.  If you are from a school please click here.

So you like bunnies, boats and very tall authors with very big beards? Great… the marvellous Philip Ardagh has the perfect story event for you!

Experience thrilling, relentless anarchy and fruity rhyming which children and tongue-twisted adults will love.

It’s time for another wild bunny-tastic adventure! And this time, the bunnies have commandeered a BOAT!

All across Sunnytown Beach, the Bunnies are dashing and a-splashing on a speedboat frenzy. They whoosh past the sail-boats, and zoooom across the sand, then it’s up on to the jetty where silly billy Bunnies get all covered in spaghetti! But, oh no, where are the bunnies off to now? To the airport, across the tarmac … it’s bunnies on the PLANE. Here we go again…

This is a story to be chanted at high speed… and followed by a little lie-down and a rest.

Ages: 3+


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28 Apr 2023


1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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