Welcome to Story Space!


Hexham Book Festival and Children North East join forces to launch Story Space. 

Find fabulous authors reading super stories from brilliant books, plus some other people you may recognise - look out for new stories every day in May!

Stories have never been more important so … step into Story Space and come with us to magical new worlds and exciting new adventures.

Children North East

Now that lots of children are spending more time inside, the Covid-19 crisis has hit some children and families especially hard. Hexham Book Festival is proud to launch Story Space in support of Children North East – a charity making a real to difference to the lives of those most in need.

Children North East are currently delivering food parcels, distributing resources like colouring books, pens and cookery kits, and offering online and phone counselling to young people struggling with isolation.

We appreciate this a difficult time for everyone but, if you can, please consider making a donation here - your support will make the world of difference.