We're pleased to announce that Ecocabs is supporting Hexham Book Festival this year. This Hexham-based taxi business prides itself on being smart, dependable and eco-friendly. Ecocabs began with one taxi in 2006 and now has the largest fleet of taxis, people carriers, mini-buses and mini coaches in west Northumberland.

Sustainability is at the heart of the business, which uses electric, hybrid and low emission vehicles. In fact, caring about the environment impacts all purchasing decisions and many processes at Ecocabs. Ecocabs does whatever it can to reduce now matter how big or small that change is - from paperless systems to LED light bulbs to a car wash that recycles drained-off water.

Matthew Kirkby, MD of Ecocabs, said, "It's a pleasure to support Hexham Book Festival. The Festival was created the same year as Ecocabs and watching it grow year on year has been good to see. The Festival brings such a buzz to Hexham - it's become a highlight of the year for a lot of people."

Want to book with Ecocabs? Call 01434 600600, go online or download the Ecocabs app to your phone.