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Welcome to the Museum of Marvellous Things... where the impossible can happen!

Discover Moons like Balloons, dance with Doo-Dahs in cages, sing with Noo-Nahs on stages and marvel at the many wonders on display inside this amazing place. Because this is a museum like no other - it’s made from the magic of YOUR imagination – and you get to bring it alive.


With storytelling, puppets, songs, movement, music, craft and a special measuring machine that needs to be filled with MAGIC, this is a lively, colourful, interactive event with author and illustrator Kristina Stephenson, based on her new picture book ‘The Museum of Marvellous Things’.

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Meet the main characters Norbert Norris and Tilly T Pott as they give you a sneak peek inside their extraordinary museum and together, we celebrate imagination and creativity.

"The children (and adults) absolutely loved the session with Kristina and couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards. Lots of them have gone on to write their own stories since and create their own marvellous creations for an exhibition in a museum!" Miss West – Webster School, Manchester

"Absolutely thrilled with Kristina Stephenson's event. My 4 year old was enthralled. It was so well done, loved every moment. Fantastic value for money." Audience Member, HBF 2021


  • Author: Kristina Stephenson 
  • School Years: EYS, Y1 & Y2
  • Time: 09.30-10.15am
  • Venue: Theatre, Queen's Hall Arts
  • Date: 13th June
  • Cost: £2 per child. FREE places for pupil premium children and staff 
  • Books: Available to pre-order for dedicating and signing after the event
  • Contact: Please email [email protected] for enquiries and bookings

About Kristina Stephenson

Kristina Stephenson trained as a set and costume designer at the Central School of Art and Design in London. She worked in the theatre for many years before moving into the world of children's television. 

Wanting to stay at home after the birth of her first child, she turned her hand to illustrating children's books. Which she did in between nappy changes and nursery rhymes and often late at night while her baby was sleeping. It was when her second child was born that she began to write her own stories.

Her first book 'Sir Charlie Stinky Socks - The Really Big Adventure' was inspired by her son, Charlie when he was 3.  The real Sir Charlie is now a teenager but is still Kristina's first port of call when it comes to plot twists and editorial advice.

Kristina works closely with her husband, who is a musician. Together they create interactive musical events based on each new book. And with their old VW camper van, BRU, packed with puppets and props, they enjoy touring the country, taking their shows to festivals, schools, and libraries.