GENIE and TEENY with Steven Lenton 

The Most Magical Fun You Could Wish For! 

Meet Grant and Genie, and his best friend – the puppy Teeny… Genie and Teeny is the magical new series from the renowned illustrator, Steven Lenton.

Make every wish come true and be schooled in magic and wonder by award-winning author and illustrator Steven Lenton. Packed to the brim with humour, life lessons and lots of adventure.

Budding writers and artists can find out how Steven became an illustrator and everyone can join in when he draws Genie and Teeny and listen as he does an exclusive reading from the book. Steven's events are fun-filled, informative and pun-tastic!

Welcome to a series chock-full of giggles, wishes, rude noises, and best of all – GENIES!

Now then, what do we know about genies? Well . . .

  1. They are magical
  2. They live in lamps
  3. They make wishes come true.

But this particular genie is named Grant, and even though he is indeed magical, and does live in a lamp (well, a teapot), he's not very good at making wishes come true...

Genie and Teeny is perfect for 5 - 7 year olds!

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  • Author: Steven Lenton
  • School Years: Reception, Y1 & Y2
  • Date: 13/06/22
  • Time: 11.00-11.45am
  • Venue: Theatre, Queen's Hall Arts Centre
  • Cost: £2 per child. FREE places for pupil premium children and staff 
  • Books: Available to pre-order for dedicating and signing after the event
  • Contact: Please email [email protected] for enquiries and bookings

About Steven Lenton

Steven Lenton hails from Cheshire and now works from his studio in Brighton, creating an array of charming characters for his books.

He also illustrates fiction for David Baddiel, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and is the Sainsbury’s Prize-winning illustrator of The Nothing to See Here Hotel series.

Steven loves encouraging his audience to draw, giggle and create! During 2020, Steven also started his brilliant Draw-A-Long-A-Lenton on his YouTube Channel and on Facebook. Even undertaking a phenomenal 24-hour draw-a-thon for charity.