Whether you're buying lunch, looking for a job, or applying for a mortgage, the thing we call 'the economy' is going to set the terms. 

Rupal Patel and Jack Meaning are economists at the Bank of England. Rupal specialises in trying to prevent economic crises, which means you know who to blame when everything goes wrong. Jack is focused on protecting the pound in your pocket, which means he goes to lots of long meetings about interest rates. They take us inside their hallowed halls to explain what economics can - and can’t - teach us about the world. Along the way, they offer intriguing examples of econ in action: in financial crises and Freddo prices, growth stages and Homer Simpson’s wages. 

Accessible, authoritative and surprisingly witty, Can’t We Just Print More Money? is a crash course in economics and why it matters. 

Chaired by Edward Bindloss

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