An authoritative new history of the Roman conquest of Britain

In his fascinating new book, Richard Hingley, Professor of Roman Archaeology at Durham University, provides a new narrative of the Roman conquest of Britain, from the two campaigns of Caesar up until the construction of Hadrian's Wall across the Tyne-Solway isthmus during the 120s CE.  Much of the ancient literary record portrays this period as a long march of Roman progress but recent archaeological discoveries reveal that there existed a strong resistance in Britain, Boudica's short lived revolt being the most celebrated of them, and that Roman success was by no means inevitable.

Drawing on an upon an impressive array of new information Hingley offers a balanced picture of the military activities and strategies that led to the conquest and subjugation of Britain.  In doing so helps to reveal just what the Romans have ever done for us...

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‘A gripping study of the roman conquest of Britain that integrates the written and   archaeological evidence better than any other account I have read.’ Tom Holland

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