Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions

Extinction and Glaciation 

Join two experts for 30 minute pocket sized explanations (there will be time for questions)

Extinction: A Very Short Introduction

Paul Wignall, Professor of Palaeoenvironments at the University of Leeds,

Most people are familiar with the dodo and the dinosaur, but extinction has occurred throughout history, with the result that nearly all the species that have ever existed are now extinct. Today, species are disappearing at an ever-increasing rate. Paul looks at the causes and nature of extinctions, past and present, and the factors that can make a species vulnerable 

Glaciation: A Very Short Introduction

David Evans Durham University

Glacial geomorphologist Professor David Evans provides an overview of the processes that shape glaciers, how they are established grow and flow. He discusses the massive impact – through erosion and deposits - that glaciers had on the landscape of Britain and the world and outlines the effects that climate change are having on these amazing natural phenomena. 

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