Based on the life of Russian lyric poet Sergei Yeseni, Martin Sixsmith paints an extraordinary picture  of an extraordinary man in the turbulent times of early 20C Russia.  In a country and an age  when poets were stars, Yesenin was revered by millions. Schoolchildren learned  his verses by heart. Adolescent girls copied them in their diaries. Red Army  soldiers carried them in their uniforms as they went into battle. Yuri Gagarin took  them into space.  Yesenin’s fame brought him meetings with the Tsar’s wife and daughters and with  Rasputin before the Revolution; with Trotsky and Kamenev, and a stormy  marriage to the world’s most famous dancer, Isadora Duncan, after it. Like the  fictional Yuri Zhivago, he survived the turmoil of war and revolution and lived a  personal life of comparable drama. Bursting with the real-life drama of love in turbulent times, An Unquiet Heart is  a novel of passion and violence, triumph and tragedy. 

Chaired by Harry Pearson

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