James Naughtie, one of Britain’s leading broadcasters, explores the country he has known for fifty years  – its allure and its contradictions, its strengths and some painful legacies that weigh so heavily on its  people. 

With a perceptive eye and an elegant pen, he tells a spellbinding story that encompasses the Watergate  scandal, the end of the Cold War, the cultural conflicts that swirled around the Clintons, the trauma of  9/11, and the transformational elections of Obama and Trump. This is a tale of high drama and hidden  encounters – from Washington corridors to diners in dusty small towns, from the streets of New York  down to country roads in the old South – infused with the insight of a master observer, whose voice is a  beguiling guide to the mysteries of modern America.  This is the journey of a roving reporter, full of laughter, adventure and surprise. On the Road is America revealed.  

Chaired by Richard Moss BBC Political Editor for North East & Cumbria

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