What does it take? Ask a politician, and they’ll tell you it’s hard work. Ask a  millionaire, and they’ll tell you it’s talent. Ask a CEO and they’ll  tell you it’s dedication. But what if none of those things is enough? The UK is a society where the single greatest indicator of what  

your job will be is the job of your parents and where power and  privilege are concentrated among the 7 per cent of the  population who were privately educated, if your name 

sounds black or Asian, you’ll need to send out twice as many job applications as your white neighbour.  

Raised on benefits, barrister Hashi Mohamed knows something about social mobility. And here, in People Like Us, he shares what he has learned: from the  stark statistics that reveal the depth of the problem to the failures of imagination,  education and confidence that compound it. Wherever you are on the social spectrum, this is an essential investigation into our society’s  most intractable problem. We have more power than we realise to change things for the  better.

Chaired by Gerry Foley

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