With the endless political infighting in British politics over Brexit dominating our news cycle, it is easy to forget who we were actually negotiating with. In Blind Man's Brexit, veteran political commentator Edward Stourton takes us directly into the corridors of power in Brussels, and shows how the EU comprehensively outmanoeuvred the UK government. Blind Man's Brexit reveals the staggering and unprecedented failure of diplomacy on one side and contrasts the very clearly defined aims and goals of EU negotiators Guy Verhofstadt and Michel Barnier with the bluster and blundering of Theresa May’s government. Granted completely unfiltered and unprecedented access to events as they unfolded, Stourton pinpoints exactly how and where the Brexit negotiations went so spectacularly wrong for Britain, and why they resulted in our departure from the EU being delayed, leaving the UK in limbo with its political system in disarray.

Chaired by Richard Moss, BBC Political Editor for North east & Cumbria 

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