In her witty and poignant new novel, The Carer, bestselling author of The Best Marigold Hotel and Tulip Fever, Deborah Moggach tells the tale of James, his new carer Mandy, and his middle-aged children, Phoebe and Robert. Has the arrival of Mandy prompted a change in James, or did Phoebe and Robert simply not know him that well in the first place? Deborah considers family, ageing, the stories we construct to protect ourselves and the idea that life most definitely does not stop for the elderly – it just moves on to a very different plane, full of surprising twists and turns.

Chaired by Jacqui Hodgson

'Moggach is at the height of her powers with this book, which moves from a beautifully observed comedy of middle-class life to an immensely moving celebration of two imperfect marriages' Sunday Times

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