A surprising new history of Tutankhamun’s cultural legacy published to coincide with the centenary of his tomb's discovery.

When it was discovered in 1922, the 3,300-year old tomb of Tutankhamun sent shockwaves around the world, turning the boy-king into a household name overnight and kickstarting an enduring international media obsession. From pop culture and politics to tourism and the heritage industry t's impossible to imagine the twentieth century without the discovery of Tutankhamun -yet so much of the story remains untold.

But not everything about ‘King Tut’ glitters: tours of his treasures in the 1970s were linked to Big Oil, his mummified remains have been exploited in the name of science and accounts of his tomb’s discovery exclude Egyptian archaeologists. Treasured offers a bold new history of the young pharaoh who has as much to tell us about our world as his own.  

Christina Riggs is Professor of the History of Visual Culture at Durham University and an expert on the history of the Tutankhamun excavation. 

Illustrated talk.

'Christina Riggs reveals a true social history of our modern engagement with ancient Egypt - filled with messy, tragic, politicised, and often haunting encounters.  Treasured is infinitely more accurate and fascinating than what's gone before.' David Wengrow

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