Love Lives, from Cinderella to Frozen - the story of how women’s lives, loves, and dreams have been re-shaped since 1950.

Carol has written extensively about the social history of women, education and popular culture. Cinderella stories captured the imagination of girls in the mid-twentieth century, when meeting the right man seemed like a happy ending, the solution to life’s problems. But over the next fifty years women’s lives were transformed, not by the magic wand of a fairy godmother, nor by marrying princes, but by education, work, birth control – and feminism. While widening opportunities for women were seen as progress, feminists were also regularly caricatured as man-haters, cast in the role of ugly sisters, witches or wicked fairies in the fairy-tale. This book is about the reshaping of women’s lives, loves and dreams since 1950 it illuminates how women’s expectations and emotional landscapes have shifted, asking bold questions about how women’s lives have been transformed since 1950. How have women’s changing life experiences been mirrored in new expectations about marriage, intimacy, and family life? And were feminists right to believe that sexual equality would improve relationships between men and women?

Illustrated talk

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