Monday 8th November 7pm - 9pm

Writing Dialogue with Ross Raisin

Putting Words into Their Mouths: a workshop on the art of dialogue in fiction writing.

How do you create speech that feels alive and authentic on the page? This workshop will cover the fundamentals of writing dialogue in novels and short stories, by way of a couple of example extracts, discussion, and a light-touch writing exercise intended to unlock the potential of your dialogue writing.

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Thursday 18th November 7pm -9pm

Writing Crime with Charlotte Baker

Constructing Crime Fiction - an introduction

Interested in writing crime fiction and unsure where to begin?

This two hour, interactive workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of the genre, including discussions on character development, plot structure, building atmosphere and utilising crime's tropes to your advantage. There will be practical exercises, chance for feedback as well as advice on the next steps of the writing journey.

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Thursday 25th November 7pm-8pm

Writing Historical Fiction with Carolyn Kirby

Join Carolyn Kirby (The Conviction of Cora Burns and When We Fall) for an on-line workshop that will consider the key elements involved in writing fiction set in the past.

Through a mix of presentation, discussion and writing exercises, Carolyn will consider how you can place yourself inside the world of your characters and bring the past alive. The workshop will show how research can be a stimulus to creating stories with a historical setting. Carolyn will also provide pointers to the successful translation of imagined historical scenes into the language of contemporary fiction.

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