Writing Fiction: A Masterclass with Deborah Moggach

A 2-hour online workshop designed to help you with your fiction writing skills

Deborah will give a brief talk about her novels - how they came about, what she's learnt while writing them and her tips on getting started.

The session will include some exercises exploring how to free and expand your imagination, how to build up characters, how to establish and develop plot and viewpoint, how to write dialogue.

The writing exercises will be short - 5 or 10 minutes max -and there will be no pressure to read them out if you don't want to. The whole workshop should be fun, and helpful, however experienced you are in writing fiction.

Deborah says : "If we find there's time left over - which I very much doubt! - we can explore adapting novels into screenplays, as I've done a lot of that and can give you some tips. But I expect we'll have plenty to do in our two hours, and will find the discussion leading us off into all sorts of directions. I certainly don't want to be too prescriptive - this is YOUR workshop and I'm simply here to help you."

£25 + eventbrite booking fee. Numbers are strictly limited to no more than 14 participants so please do book soon as we anticipate these being very popular. 

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